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Here you can download our information sheets about various aspects of artwork production. They are PDF files, so you will need a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. We are also collecting links to other websites that you might find useful.

Click the thumbnail to open in your browser, or use the text link to download the PDF.

Information sheets

Bleed allowances

What is bleed? Why is it important in artwork for printing? How to create it.

    What is bleed?

Image size and resolution

What is resolution? What size images do you need for printing?

    Image size & resolution

Useful links

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Get the latest version of the free reader for PDF files


It’s quite an old site, and some of the software-specific information is outdated, but it’s still one of the best guides to using a scanner, and valuable if you need to reproduce photos from the pre-digital age. Some usefule digital photography information as well.


If you need to identify fonts, there are a couple of useful resources:

myfonts.com is run by one of the largest suppliers of commercial fonts and includes WhatTheFont – a system for identifying fonts from scans of text. There’s also now a smartphone version that will capture fonts using the camera.

identifont.com asks a series of questions to identify fonts by their appearance. It also displays lists of fonts that appear similar.

Paper sizes and weights

You might know your A4 from your DL, but how does 40lb Bond compare with 100lb Index? Conversions to and from US paper weights.