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Our artwork

We specialise in producing designs and artwork that will work effectively in print.

Are we the right choice?

If you need concepts and designs producing from scratch and don’t have fixed ideas about what you want to see then the traditional processes used by a design agency might be the best option for you.

If you do have a good idea of what you want, but lack the resources to produce your own artwork, then our services are likely to be a good choice. This is also the case if you don’t have the budget necessary to brief a design agency. We can usually offer a cost-effective route to well-designed print.

What we can do

We’re happy creating artwork from scratch and can generate layout grids and templates to reduce the amount of time needed for complex or repeated jobs.

If you have an existing style guide, we can follow that, or we can create a new style guide to ensure consistency across items, including the production of logo packs for cross-media use. We’re also able to provide artwork originally designed for print in other formats, such as for social media or website use. Templates can also be created for use in office software, such as Microsoft Word.

We’re just as happy to work on simpler projects, perhaps just a one-off business card, flyer or newsletter.

As well as the work we print in-house, we’re also experienced in producing designs for printing by others, generally when larger quantities are involved such as for books or packaging. Thousands of products are produced from our artwork every year by manufacturers in China, India and Europe.

Need a code?

We can generate just about any type of code you might need, whether the familiar barcode used in retail, QR codes, or encoding used for more specialist applications. We can incorporate these codes in artwork that we create, or overlay them on artwork that you supply. We can even generate unique codes for each item in a print run.