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About StroudPrint

StroudPrint in its present form dates back to 1999 when the current owner, Chris Griffiths, acquired two Stroud-based companies: Stroud Printing Services and Perfect Choice Printers

Stroud Printing Services was operating as a high-street copy shop and had its origins in the 1970s as a secretarial service. Perfect Choice Printers had a long history as a jobbing offset litho and letterpress printer. Under its previous name, Downfield Press, it had certainly been active back to the 1960s.

The two companies began trading as a single entity after the acquisition and adopted the StroudPrint trading style in 2002

Chris didn’t have a traditional printing background, but originally trained as an electronics engineer before spending many years responsible for the sales and marketing of high-tech capital goods. For over seven years immediately prior to establishing StroudPrint he was employed in product managing, marketing and selling electronic pre-press systems, mainly for the packaging and textile printing sectors. In this role he was directly involved in the relatively new field of integrating desktop systems, e.g. Apple Mac computers, into pre-press workflows. This saw him providing technical support and training to the graphics suppliers of companies such as Coca-Cola in the US and Tetra-Pak in Europe.

Chris’s hands-on approach to marketing in small companies has provided plenty of experience in creating sales collateral which achieves its targets whilst keeping within tight budgets. He has been closely involved with the artwork production process dating back to the 1970s: starting with Letraset, phototypeset galleys and plenty of Cow Gum, right through to today’s powerful computer-based design systems. He started to use desktop publishing software in the mid-1980s (before Microsoft Windows!) and was an early adopter of technologies such as PDF and digital printing

StroudPrint today is very much focused on providing cost-effective print solutions to small businesses and organisations. We use digital print and our design skills to great effect, making it possible to produce high quality printed material in short runs. We also use our marketing experience and knowledge of the print industry to solve some of the more unusual problems that our clients bring forward. Even when we can’t fully produce a job in-house, we probably know someone who can!