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We’ve been printing labels for a long time, but did you know that we can produce them in almost any size or shape that you need? Our automated contour cutter kiss-cuts printed label sheets following a pre-programmed outline. Precise registration between print and cut is maintained by a camera mounted on the cutter. We can either supply untrimmed sheets of labels or cut down to produce “mini sheets” at any size, even individual labels.

We keep several different label materials in stock. As well as a standard matt substrate with permanent adhesive, we have a removable stock, gloss coated sheets, freezer-compatible material and a polyethylene substrate with extra-permanent adhesive for weather-resistant labels. Other materials are available to order.

Longer runs of labels are produced by one of our trade partners and can be supplied on rolls, sheets or as individual labels.

The same machine can also be used to cut packaging board and other materials, allowing us to produce door hangers, luggage tags, packaging inserts and a variety of other shaped items.